Introducing KZB Group Ltd

Main activity : Counseling in foreign subsidiaries

Willing to set-up a company in a foreign location often seems hazardous as regulations, environment and culture can be pretty different.

Thanks to its experience in this field for more than 10 years, KZB Group Ltd will provide you the know-how to ensure the success of your approach, both humanly and financially.

KZB Group Ltd can assist you:
- For market research.
- To investigate the feasibility.
- Achieve budget.
- Finalize the presentation file to win the support of your shareholders.

And as your prime contractor for your overseas development KZB Group Ltd can:
- Advise you on the nature of your location: representative office, branch, subsidiary, etc. ...
- Define the type of company to create.
- Perform all paperwork for registration.
- Assist you to open a bank account in the bank of your choice.
- Advise you on taxes.
- Support you in finding premises or building offices tailored to your business.
- Follow the developpement through checking and reports after the start of your activity.

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